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Middle Fullstack JavaScript Developer


job summary_

Fullstack JavaScript Developer will be involved in working on a multi-service product with complex logic and dynamics in technologies, as well as various areas in JS: Node.js development of microservices and AWS Lambda functions, client-side web applications, desktop Electron.. We are considerate towards the learning period of the technology you don't know.

about the project_

A stable enterprise product for creating marketing presentations, preparing accompanying materials, and developing sales cycle business assistants for global pharmaceutical companies such as AstraZeneca, Novartis, Pfizer, Veeva, etc., and financial institutions like ING, Van Lanschot. Completely our code base, we have been developing it since 2015.Our services operate across multiple Availability Zones. The main APIs with business logic (GraphQL and REST) ​​are primarily implemented using PHP (Laravel, Yii2), however, there is also code in Node.js (JavaScript/TypeScript), Python, and C#. We use a combination of AWS and GCP to support our infrastructure. We also work on integration with our API partners (Veeva, Salesforce).As a product with high-security requirements, we undergo regular penetration testing from auditors and client companies to ensure compliance with industry standards such as OWASP, SOC, and ISO.


/ Advanced knowledge of JavaScript. No less than 2 years.

/ Experience with React/Redux.

/ Algorithms and data structures. We expect you to understand which block of code is faster and why, and even better when you can quantify it all the better.

/ Architectural thinking, multilateral development. You can have a complete picture of the project, master new technology, read a UML diagram..

/ High level of written English and reading skills.


/ Experience with TypeScript.

/ High level of algorithm experience.

/ Strong CSS skills.

/ Knowledge of other languages(besides JS) is a plus.

/ Computer Science Diploma.

/ Spoken English.

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