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WebLab Technology

We are the software development team specialized in Web Applications Development and Business Automation.

our services_

Web Applications Development

We have experience in developing and maintaining big projects with complex multiservice interaction logic, available through multiple availability zones and high-quality rich UI frontend.
We know how to make these applications ready for fast changes and how to keep them secure, how to prepare for the penetration tests, certifications and audits.

Applied AI

We offer a full range of services in the field of applied AI - from consultation to the implementation of ready-made systems. Whether it's chatbots, data preparation for AI algorithms, or AI app development services - we are ready to cover each of these processes.

Enterprise Automation

Our team focuses on helping companies in Construction, Logistics, Food Tech, Pharma, and the Financial sector to improve their business processes by creating customized software solutions, web services, and mobile applications that are tailored to the specific needs of each company. We aid in implementing Agile processes for efficient, on-time software development.

we were working with_


A complete set of B2B tools to create, prepare, perform, and analyze digital presentations and related assets. Our products are relied on by world-leading pharma companies, including Novartis and Takeda. For this strategic client, WebLab has provided a dedicated team of nearly 40 specialists who have been fully trusted across all R&D processes. This has included owning architecture, infrastructure, APIs, applications, frameworks, and integrations with Veeva and Salesforce.


Emaar Properties

Emirati multinational real estate development company Emaar Properties has constructed impressive properties, such as the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. We develop and provide support for the company’s specialized software solutions with the aim to improve marketing and operational work.



We develop sales assistants’ software for a number of products. Multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with numerous products all around the world. Businesses of this size face enormous complexity with regard to scaling due to various personalization requirements and decentralized marketing campaigns.



We worked together when they operated under the name FollowAnalytics. An all-in-one mobile platform to create, equip, and connect mobile applications to existing web resources in just a few clicks. The platform includes an AI-powered Analytics, Segmentation, and Engagement Software Development Kit that understands user behavior, creates dynamic segments, and launches targeted campaigns through push notifications and in-app messages.


technologies we use_

We use a wide spectrum of modern tools and technologies to craft the best solutions for your business.

Flexible Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, XP
Cloud Platforms: AWS, Adobe Cloud
Web Development: React, Node.js, Golang, Python
Mobile Development: React Native 
Machine Learning and AI: PyTorch, OpenAI, LangChain

industry connections_

As an active member of different IT associations, WebLab Technology strives to cultivate technology excellence worldwide.

Our participation enables us to stay ahead of emerging industry trends while working closely with partners to nurture local tech talent and infrastructure. We are committed to driving positive change by uniting with communities at the forefront of innovation.

Our achievements

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